sometimes I'm a cheese ball.

You say what I cannot
Those words flawless without effort.
Reading my mind
Expressing what I cannot.

Here are my words
Not concise, clear, or interesting
But instead pure and simple
Here are those words for you.  

You smirk 
I stutter 
Eyes meet 
I can't help but stop. 

Once I looked away 
Now I look on 
To the beginning 
To the end 
Or somewhere in the middle 

What will become of this? Of us? 

There is only so much I can do 
To look into those eyes 
Letting these walls erode 
Exposing the city 
My city 
To you. Only you. 

To open these gates 
Vulnerable is my city now. 

So look the way you will 
But I am waiting. 
Waiting at the gates. 
At the beginning. 
For the beginning of us.



when i wake up at 4 in the morning for work. i think this is in order.


once every four years

today at 11:59, one minute before i was to clock back into work, my mom called.

"do you know what today is?"
"well let me tell you, it's leap year. & this day only comes once every four years. today you can propose to a man. this is your only chance for another four years."
"uh huh... well you find me a man & i will think about it."

excuse me mom? what is this supposed to mean?



the 14th

i love valentines. i cook, i love, i laugh.
did i have a valentine? many!
were any of them males? one, my dad.

my day consisted of work, baking, attending lacrosse practice as someones valentine, the family valentine feast, & a candlelit date at the chocolate.

i love valentines, even if i don't have a hunk.